Media experts and tv screen stars, analysts, scholars and students, a public, tempted by the quality of the Bulgarian and European cinema – this is the audience, attracted in Ruse by the media festival THE BULGARIAN EUROPE. The forum is held on 12 and 13 December 2016, organized by The European Spaces Association, with the support of EC Representation in Bulgaria and in partnership with Kaneff Centre University of Ruse.

The BULGARIAN EUROPE is focused on the country’s European integration and its EU membership. The national media event with international participants is organized for the last 16 years.

The discussions’ energy goes in three streams.

The workshop Idocs Concept – web-based media projects introduces media practices, European networks and interactive exchange in a field, almost totally unknown in Bulgaria – the interactive journalism and documentary making.

The discussion The Referendum – a tool for civil awareness shows expectations and results from the direct democracy implementation in Bulgaria. Traditional partner in this panel is Citizen Participation Fourm – a network of 120 Bulgarian NGOs.

The festival’s flagship discussion In the politic through the television: the responsibility of the media about the political Frankensteins. The carnivalization of the personages or amusing ourselves to death interpret the world media tendencies.

All the discussions are streamed online on the partner media website www.arenamedia.net and on Facebook.

The BULGARIAN EUROPE enhances the efforts of the Bulgarian media to work in public purpose. We are making this festival, because the Bulgarian media landscape needs it, because the Bulgarian journalists expect their work to be recognized, because today is increasingly difficult to lead an independent and honest debate, says festival’s director, Mr Dimitar Lipovanski.

The 2016 festival’s film selection traditionally meets the audience with world recognized films. For the last two years since is realized, the drama fiction The Sinking of Sozopol – director Kostadin Bonev, wins 13 nominations and 12 awards from 15 world film festivals. Enemies by Hristo Simeonov and Dobry by Orlin Milchev are winners of The Best Bulgarian Film awards on the Early Bird International film festival. Love by Boya Harizanova is awarded by the film festival in Sapporo, Japan, and by so Independent Film Fest in Sofia. Mark and Verse by Compote Collective has the Special Jury Award on the Golden Rhyton Documentary and animation film festival. All the public screenings are free of charge.

The recent program of the BULGARIAN EUROPE can be followed on www.bgeufest.net

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