Film Programme – 2016

12 December, Monday, 18:00
“Prince Alexander the First” Hall, Rousse Regional Museum of History
2015, Bulgaria, 21 min, fiction
Best Bulgarian Film Award on the International student Film Festival Early Bird 2015


Script: Hristo Simeonov and Konstantin Tsonev
Director: Hristo Simeonov
Cinematography: Stefan Vrachev
Cast: Boyka Nikolova, Kitodar Todorov, Bistra Kechidjieva, dog Debelana
Producer: Magdalena Ilieva

Irene’s neighbor unintentionally causes the death of her dog. Now she needs someone to help her bury the animal and her new enemy happens to be the only helpful person around.

12 December, Monday, 18:30
“Prince Alexander the First” Hall, Rousse Regional Museum of History
2015, Bulgaria, 24 min, fiction
The Best Bulgarian Short Film Award on the International Festival So Independent Sofia 2015, Best Student Director Award on Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2016


Script: Simeon Ventsislavov
Director: Boya Harizanova
Cinematography: Viktor Roev
Music: Ivo Ignatov
Cast: Katerina Robova, Nikola Pashov, Viktor Ivanov
Production: Creative Box Studio, NATFA

Boris arrives in a mountain village to bring back his deceased friend’s belongings to his only living relatives, his grandma and grandpa, only to find out that the elderly couple is unaware of the death of their grandson. Boris stays for dinner, hesitant about what to do.

12 December, Monday, 19:00
“Prince Alexander the First” Hall, Rousse Regional Museum of History
2016, Bulgaria, 27 min, fiction
Best Bulgarian Film Award on the International student Film Festival Early Bird 2016


Script: Orlin Milchev and Radoslav Petrov
Director: Orlin Milchev
Cinematography: Daniel Delchunkov
Music: authentic traditional folk songs
Cast: Lamin Bamba, Jordan Petkov, Toni Todorov, Emil Markov
Production: NATFA
Co-production: Timeless Production Group and Dream Team Films

A Bulgarian shepherd stumbles upon a lost illegal immigrant in the mountains near the border. Their encounter bridges two worlds: different ethnic backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Soon they will have to face the fears and aggression of the local villagers.

12 December, Monday, 19:30
“Prince Alexander the First” Hall, Rousse Regional Museum of History
2015, Bulgaria, 22 мин., animation
Special Jury Award on the Golden Rhyton Documentary and animation film Festival 2015


Original Idea: Vessela Dantcheva
Script: Dimitar Voev, Kaloyan Pramatarov, Dilyan Elenkov, Georgi Gospodinov
Directors: Ivan Bogdanov, Boris Pramatarov, Dmitry Yagodin, Asparuh Petrov, Milen Vitanov, Boris Despodov
Animation: Dalibor Rajninger, Boris Despodov, Mandy Geuskens, Boris Pramatarov, Asparuh Petrov, Atanas Filipov, Dmitry Yagodin
Music: Peter Dundakov, Andrea Martignoni, Vensan Mazmanyan, Nikolay Mihaylov, Samuel Pocreau
Cast: Pavel Terziyski, Georgi Gospodinov, Harry Anichkin, Yana Hadjikostova, Ivan Moskov, Aleksander Naidenov, Tavis Preston
Production: Vessela Dantcheva – Compote Collective
With the support of: Bulgarian National Film Center

“Mark & Verse” is a film project throwing a bridge between poetry and animation. It visually interprets six original contemporary Bulgarian poems, each told in a different manner. Animation has no limits and very much like poetry renders visual symbols and metaphors powerful. Stories of doomed paper boats, intimate links to film genres, petty morning crimes, ice-cream hopes, urban moods, and industrial revelations are interwoven in this visual poetry experience.

13 December, Tuesday, 19:00
“Kaneff Hall”, Kaneff Centre University of Rousse
2014, Bulgaria, 100 min., drama
Best Film Award on the Golden Rose Film Festival Varna 2014, Award for the Best Foreign Film on the International Film Festival New York 2015, The Best Actors’ Achievement Award on the Film Festival Milan 2015, The Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2015, Awards of the Independent International Film Festival PIFF Prague 2016, The Best Film Award on the International Film Festival Brashov 2016


Script: Kostadin Bonev, Ina Valchanova
Director: Kostadin Bonev
Cinematography: Konstantin Zankov
Music: Nikolai Ivanov
Cast: Deyan Donkov, Snezhina Petrova, Svetlana Yancheva, Stefan Valdobrev, Vasil Gurov, Leonid Yovchev, Veselin Mezekliev, Miroslava Gogovska, Petya Silyanova, Bilyana Kazakova, Joreta Nikolova
Producers: Borough Film: Vladimir Andreev, Georgi Balkanski
Based on the book of Ina Valchanova

This is a film about love, ten bottles of vodka and a town that must sink. An aging man goes back to Sozopol and brings along his memories and ten bottles of vodka. It is clear that when the vodka is over, something must happen. Something that will change his life forever. Because when hope is gone, miracle is the last resort.

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